A natural leader, public speaker, result driven, published book author, relationship-builder and facilitator with experience in investigative techniques and interviewing, interrogation methods, corporate human and competitive business intelligence.

Mario’s goal is to show you how to conduct a successful investigation in the workplace. This will include workers compensation claims, internal or external theft and as well how to protect your reputation and to analyse your competitors…

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New Release

Imagine yourself in my shoes. Imagine being 18-years-old, and in just 24 hours the world you knew stopped existing.

Imagine being a teenager and learning all these skills that were designed for one purpose – to kill others.

Growing up in Communist Croatia (then part of Yugoslavia), Mario Bekes witnessed a lot of social unrest – before finding himself in the middle of the Croatian War of Independence.

Mario’s world quickly turned upside down. One morning he woke to a knock at the door. His family and his girlfriend were gone. His neighbours were packing, fleeing the city. And the military were at his door, saying, “Report at the army barracks in one hour.”

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Blood Soaked Soil
- Part One
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