In today’s turbulent world we can see how protection becomes essential part of our life, and how important it is to know how and what to protect. We can see in the media how dangerous it can be in the real world and that there are people out there who are ready to harm us, regardless of a motive.

Instead of going over board with information, techniques or quotes we have decided to keep this book as simple as we can. Each chapter in this book can be elaborated to infinity but then this book will become a manual. We have not mentioned all of methods and techniques in this book for one reason, to protect some information and techniques, which can be applied unlawfully. Giving too much information about techniques and methods or the prevention of attacks, could be used as a tool to harm.

Through our working experience we have learned that there is no one person who will need identical protection, you must know how to combine your knowledge, training and experience with the sole purpose to protect the person that you have been assigned to protect.

The book Proximus – Executive Close Personal Protection was designed to be easily read for people who have interest in security or for an insight into how to protect your family, assets or business.