Chaos Theory Road to Anarchy


Imagine if you were to awaken one day and, although the world around seems the same at first glance, it actually is not? Imagine that you must stay inside your house day after day without the possibility of watching TV for the news; cut off from all possible information from your area, country or world have fresh water from the tap.

When you need to sleep you are afraid to “abandon your post” as the noise from the street informs you that looting is in progress. You hear gunfire and you know there are no law enforcement bodies to prevent all of the other atrocities that occur when there is anarchy.

Is it possible that this will happen to us? Are there are measures to prevent such a thing happening? For how long will the present society survive without the basics such as electricity or water? Perhaps we will be driven back to the Stone Age and will remain there long before we have the opportunity to re-build or restore our world back to the way we used to live.