Strategic and Operational Networking Consulting

Business networking has always played a pivotal role in market success and moreover, bringing together like-minded individuals such as entrepreneurs and the C-level executives.

I know very well how important networking is. I have attended numerous networking events for myself or my clients around the globe, utilising human intelligence methods to create a positive and mutual need between client and their counterparts.

It is important to remember that networking events are about more than finding someone to do business with. They are about creating opportunities for you and your counterparts on a strategic level, looking beyond the horizon.

Networking is, however, not always a public event. More often, networking should be organised in such a way as to prevent eavesdropping, surveillance, espionage and media attention.

While networking, your reputation must remain impeccable and even then, you cannot guarantee you will achieve the results you hoped to attain.

Strategic Networking consists of providing a roadmap to your desired client, service provider or person of interest, ensuring that the network supports your endeavour – be that a corporate, individual or product analysis, or ability to connect with someone.

Operational Networking consists of providing direct reports on an individual’s social and business activities, highlighting possible roadblocks or obstacles on your path to meeting this person.

My role is to prepare you and your team to effectively utilise human intelligence methods, particularly social engineering. This will allow you to win the hearts and minds of key people that you would like to meet, while preventing negative reputational exposure and sensitive meetings from being recorded by third parties.

If you would like to know more about how I can assist you in strategic and operational networking, call me. You will be glad you did.